Round grinding

Round grinding

Round Grinding in Dnipro

Accurate flat and cylindrical grinding is a requirement for the tolerance of parts used in a variety of industries and applications including:

  • petrochemical;
  • gas;
  • transport;
  • medical;
  • power generation and so on.

The range of precision grinding machines used in our company is ideal for companies and customers who require high quality surface and cylindrical grinding. We have state-of-the-art quality grinding machines that produce dimensional accuracy in the order of one micrometre.

External cylindrical grinding is quite a demanding process, so all the machines used for this process are regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure the highest quality surface finish for our customers.

Grinding of workpieces on surface and cylindrical grinding machines

We offer cylindrical surface grinding and surface grinding of components of various shapes and sizes. As part of our services, we perform, among other things:

  • Flat grinding.

By using special grinding plates and grinding tools, we can achieve a surface smoothness of Ra 0.2 µm. This grinding is the ideal solution for elements requiring precise machining, such as injection mould parts, punching dies, punches, punches or measuring plates.

  • Grinding of sheets and plates.

Thanks to our devices, we can grind sheets and plates from 1 to 200 mm thick. In addition to various types of steel up to a hardness of 62 HRC, we also grind surfaces made of materials such as aluminium or copper.

  • Grinding surfaces with complex shapes.

Thanks to our experience and specialised machines, we can grind surfaces of complex shapes and sizes. Our circular external grinding services allow us to obtain precise part geometry even in the case of hard-to-reach surfaces.

We also offer services in the ‘cylindrical grinding’ category, which allow us to produce precisely machined surfaces on cylindrical parts. Through the use of specialised machines and tools, we can perform cylindrical grinding on a variety of materials, including:

  • steel;
  • non-ferrous metals;
  • plastics and ceramics.

Surface cylindrical grinding – what is the difference?

We work with individual customers and companies, providing them with the best quality of service, competitive prices and short delivery times. We are flexible and adapt to the individual needs of each customer, providing them with a comprehensive service and advice in the field of surface finishing. If you need professional grinding services, contact us today.

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