KOMKOR Production and Commercial Company

KOMKOR Production and Commercial Company is a modern, dynamically developing company. It specializes in manufacturing the products according to customer drawings, punch and clamping tools, metal cutting tools, shafts, rollers, knives, as well as products and spare parts for metallurgical, machine-building, metalworking, mining chemical, oil and gas industries. Due to constant investments into our own production base, the in-depth manufacturing improvements were carried out. 3- and 5-axis modern mill-turn machining centers (by SPINNER Company (Germany)), grinding equipment and the heat treatment area were installed and brought into operation. This allows obtaining products of any level of complexity with consistently high quality. All tools are equipped with high-speed Blum TC50 measuring probes providing controlling parts with high accuracy without removing them from the tool and also significantly reducing the preparation time for the product connection. To shorten production preparation process, our Design Bureau specialists use the latest CAD/CAM design systems and technical documentation preparation. In 2013 the KOMKOR Company has certified processes according to the Quality Management System (QMS) for compliance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2008.

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    “KOMKOR” is a modern, dynamically developing company specializing in the production of products according to customer drawings